C4 Conference

2018 C4 Conference


Our last event was held on:
February 20, 2018
8:30 am – 2:30 pm
Jackson Center- Research Park Huntsville, Al

Why C4?

Loving our neighbor is inherently a very personal, practical act. It is not something accomplished around conference tables or in breakout sessions. Instead it is something worked out over cups of coffee and around conversations at shared meals. Therefore, while our conference will bring awareness of issues related to racial and socio-economic isolation, we will focus much of our effort on practical tools for attendees. This will be an opportunity to move past conversations about “why we do not know our neighbors,” and instead take tangible steps toward changing that reality. After all, barriers and biases are not broken down by rhetoric; they are broken down by relationships.
Join us as we dig deep into the heart of issues that threaten to rip at the core of our communities and churches. Together, let’s take a fresh look at how the Gospel directs us to love others as we love ourselves. Let’s leave with tools in hand to take the next step towards awareness, action and new friendships.

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