C4 Conference

2018 C4 Conference


February 20, 2018
8:30 am – 2:30 pm
Jackson Center- Research Park Huntsville, Al

Registration opens January 8, 2018.

Why C4?

We have all heard the phrase “love your neighbor as yourself,” but when we consider what that really requires it is easy to want to narrow our definition of neighbor to something manageable. The potential cost of loving our neighbors as ourselves can drive us to create barriers that protect us from our neighbors’ needs. The busyness of life can cause us to develop “blinders,” allowing us to stay in our lane and drive a little bit faster. Cultural norms can lead to biases that keep us from engaging with people who look, think, or act differently from us. But the call remains the same, to “love your neighbor as yourself.” So this year’s C4 Conference is going to ask the simple, but somehow very difficult question, “Who is my neighbor?” and will challenge us to consider the transformative potential of following that call.


Loving our neighbor is inherently a very personal, practical act. It is not something accomplished around conference tables or in breakout sessions. Instead it is something worked out over cups of coffee and around conversations at shared meals. Therefore, while our conference will bring awareness of issues related to racial and socio-economic isolation, we will focus much of our effort on practical tools for attendees. This will be an opportunity to move past conversations about “why we do not know our neighbors,” and instead take tangible steps toward changing that reality. After all, barriers and biases are not broken down by rhetoric; they are broken down by relationships.
Join us as we dig deep into the heart of issues that threaten to rip at the core of our communities and churches. Together, let’s take a fresh look at how the Gospel directs us to love others as we love ourselves. Let’s leave with tools in hand to take the next step towards awareness, action and new friendships.


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Brian Loritts

Pastor Bryan Loritts is the privileged husband of Korie, and the graced father of three sons- Quentin, Myles and Jaden. He serves the Abundant Life Christian Fellowship of Silicon Valley, California, as the Lead Pastor.

An award winning author of five books (God on Paper; A Cross Shaped Gospel; Letters to a Birmingham Jail; Right Color/Wrong Culture and Saving the Saved: How Jesus Saves us from Try- harder Christianity into Performance-Free Love- which was given the Christianity Today Award of Merit), Pastor Bryan Loritts co-founded Fellowship Memphis in 2003, and later founded The Kainos Movement- an organization committed to seeing the multiethnic church become the new normal in our world.

In addition to his responsibilities as a pastor, Bryan travels extensively throughout the world preaching the Good News of Jesus Christ at conferences and events, as well as serving on the board of trustees for Biola University and PineCove Christian Camps.

Sandra Cepeda

Sandra is the founder, President and CEO of Cepeda Systems & Software Analysis, Inc. (CSSA) and has over 30 years of software and systems related experience in DoD systems. In addition to running an award winning business, Sandra is committed to giving back to her community. Her generous heart for serving and helping others is evident in her substantial support of many global and local causes.  Most recently, Sandra has taken on the role of President of the Board of Intentional Faith, a Huntsville-based ministry created by Cepeda Systems & Software Analysis to share the love of Jesus and glorify God through job empowerment, community development, and short-term relief for the under-resourced in our community.

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Devyn Keith

Huntsville native, Councilman Devyn S. Keith is a proud product of the city’s large community network. As an accomplished student-athlete at Sparkman High School, Devyn went on to attend Samford University on a full athletic scholarship, concentrating his studies in Human Development and Family Science. During his time at Samford, he started a nonprofit called Brothers of 1 Voice or BO1V, aimed at educating, empowering, and advocating for youth who have aged out of state support services. He was also involved with a number of Birmingham City based programs that worked to increase public awareness, municipal accountability and civic engagement.

He went on to further his education at the McCormack Graduate School of Policy and Global Studies at the University of Massachusetts in Boston, where he received his Master’s in Public Administration. Through his education and working relationships with leaders at the federal, state and local levels in Boston, Devyn learned innovative ways to work around pragmatic politics, policy, and procedures to accomplish sustainable goals. Despite opportunities extended for him to plant in Boston or the D.C. area, Devyn wanted to return home to North Huntsville, where he could help in the continued efforts to build up a community that helped build him.

On November 7th of 2016, Devyn became the youngest elected official in the history of Huntsville, Alabama. He is a believer in open-interface and diverse government, and continues to work on his ability to analytically review issues, objectively identify resources, and create viable solutions. His outlook on increasing civic engagement, progressive policies, and positive perspectives have been a mainstay throughout his career, and will remain at the forefront of his tenure as the District 1 Representative of the Huntsville City Council.

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2018 C4 Conference

February 20, 2018
8:30 am – 2:30 pm
Jackson Center- Research Park Huntsville, Al

Registration opens January 8. 2018.