Because of the transforming love of Jesus Christ, The CornerStone Initiative exists to encourage relationships, awaken hope, and promote opportunities so that individuals and community flourish.

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Who we are.

The CornerStone Initiative is a Christian Community Development organization founded in 2011 for the purpose of breaking the cycle of dependency and poverty that has become part of the culture of the Westside Community (an under-resourced community in Huntsville’s 35805 zip code).

CornerStone seeks to encourage relationships within this community that awaken hope and promote opportunities for personal and economic development among its residents.

What we do.

We build the bridges between the community we serve and the opportunities that exist to help them.

CornerStone is not a direct service provider. Instead, we seek ways to empower residents to help themselves and their own community. When this happens, dignity that may have been stripped away from cycles of dependency and chronic need is restored.  Restored dignity gives way to ownership of the solutions to an individual’s vulnerable situation. 

Instead of direct services, CornerStone seeks to facilitate relationships that encourage and empower people to seek God’s best for their own lives.  In relationships where there is a strong sense of mutual respect and deep concern, people are challenged and encouraged to use assets that are available to them on their road to breaking the cycle of poverty in their lives and their own communities.

Leading the way through . . .


People living in generational poverty often believe that education is beyond their reach. They are also highly susceptible to "educators" who exploit them for financial gain, promising riches but leaving them in great debt. We work with the community to understand their education needs and connect them to reputable and effective educational opportunities.


We seek enrichment for the community by facilitating healthy relationships amongst the community first and foremost. Our goal is to connect them to each other, help them learn to know and trust each other, and ultimately, connect them to a relationship with a God who loves them.


Many of the people we serve are unemployed. On the other hand, many of the people we serve work 3 or 4 jobs just to scrape by. Our goal is to awaken hope in the people of this community that it is possible for them to have an amazing, fulfilling job that will bless their lives. We were created to work, and we seek every opportunity to awaken that desire in the lives of our neighbors.

CornerStone Receives Non-Profit of the Year Award

The CornerStone Initiative was honored to receive the 2019 Non-Profit of the Year award at the Trideum Foundation’s Grounds for Hope event that honors those in our community who demonstrate the Gospel through their generous and kind actions for others.

This Grounds for Hope event is a trailblazer in paving the way for large corporations and small businesses to boldly and unashamedly partner with organizations that embrace the Gospel as a part of their mission, vision, and everyday work.

We are thankful for the companies and individuals that helped to sponsor this awards event. Please know that your boldness and focus on kingdom work is greatly appreciated. Our community is a better place because of leaders like you!

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